The US women’s soccer team defeated the Netherlands with a 2-0 win on Sunday. The celebration was sadly overshadowed by several members of the team, including Megan Rapinoe, disrespecting the American flag. Watch the video below that went viral.

It’s heartening that the team won, but to see the flag dragging on the ground in the video was hard to watch. Shortly after, President Donald Trump tweeted out congratulations to the players, but it is unknown if the US Women’s team is going to be invited to the White House. Here is what Trump had to say about it on twitter.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak has now offered to host the team at the governor’s mansion in Carson City after their victory. He said the following yesterday.

“As Governor of Nevada, I’d like to invite you all to the Governor’s Mansion anytime to celebrate,” Sisolak tweeted. “It would be our honor to recognize the success you achieved for our country!”

The invite has not been approved yet and the only scheduled appearance for the women will be at the New York City parade on Wednesday.

The flag means a lot to many different people that have fought for this country and it is more important than any trophy. While I’m glad that the women won the World Cup, we should not be treating the flag with such disrespect. I’d like to send a formal thank you to Kelley O’Hara after she picked it up. Let’s give her a big “Thank You” and pass this along to our friends to show what true patriotism is like.

As your Congressman, I will always treat the flag with the utmost respect. Unlike Governor Sisolak, I will not make useless proclamations to use taxpayer funds to spite our President. I am running for Congress because I want to government to work for the people of this country. Look forward to meeting all of you on the campaign trail.