Former Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives – Newt Gingrich

Speaker Gingrich was first elected to represent Georgia in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1978, after two unsuccessful runs at the U.S. House in 1974 and 1976. Gingrich would go on to win re-election ten more times, eventually serving as the Speaker of the House from 1995 to 1999. During the period of transition between the Obama and Trump administrations, Gingrich was reported to be in consideration for a high-level appointment in the Trump administration. The Washington Post reported that Gingrich was being considered for health and human services secretary or secretary of state. In November 2016, Gingrich said he would not serve in Trump’s cabinet, but that he would be involved in “strategic planning” during the Trump administration.

Former Nevada Governor and two-time Attorney General Robert List

Governor List was elected the 24th Governor of Nevada from 1979 to 1983 after two successful bids as the Nevada Attorney General, serving from 1971 to 1979. After meeting Sam at numerous events and spending time discussing the campaign, Governor list had the following to say, “Sam is exactly the man every Nevadan will be proud to call ‘our congressman’. A decorated Air Force officer with service in Afghanistan, a Bronze Star recipient, and successful businessman, with a wonderful family, he has it all!”

Ted Nugent – Political Activist, NRA Board Member, Hunting/Outdoors Advocate, Singer-Songwriter

Nugent praised Peters as a true conservative who will clean up Congress. “Sam Peters is a true conservative and the warrior needed to clean up the mess that this do-nothing Congress has created,” said Ted Nugent. “Sam is a patriot who served his country proudly and believes in keeping America great. In my stand with God, family, country, and the Constitution I also stand with Sam Peters! The Nugent family strongly endorses Sam and we urge all voters to help get this man to Washington to further President Trump’s effort to drain the swamp!”

Texas Commissioner of Agriculture, Former Texas Assemblyman, Sid Miller

An eighth-generation farmer and rancher, Sid Miller is the 12th Commissioner of the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA). He has devoted his life to promoting Texas agriculture, rural communities and the great state of Texas. A recognized community leader, Miller was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2000. He quickly earned a reputation as a staunch defender of Texas agriculture, constitutional freedoms and individual liberties for all Texans. Commissioner Miller called Sam, “A true statesman” and has joined Sam’s team in earnest to help get him elected!

Lt Gen Buck Bedard, USMC (Ret)

A 37 Marine Corps Officer, retiring in 2003 after a long and distinguished career. General Bedard’s military career included two combat tours in Vietnam, as well as commanding the 7th Marine Regiment in Somalia and the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force during Operation Desert Storm. General Bedard held command positions as Commander of 2d Marine Division and II Marine Expeditionary Force. He completed his career as Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies, and Operations, Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, Washington DC. Lt Gen Bedard. Lt Gen Bedard is also the Founder and Chairman of the Nevada Chapter of the Outdoor Adventure Foundation. This organization provides outdoor dreams for disabled combat or children under the age of 18 and young adults under the age of 25 that have life-threatening illnesses. Lt Gen Bedard is happy to endorse Sam as a Veteran that will serve Veterans.

Commissioner, Chairman of the Board, Lincoln County, Nevada and Board Member to the National Association of Counties (NACO) Varlin Higbee.

As a County Commissioner that represents Lincoln County, Nevada and the more than 3,000 counties nationwide as a Board Member to the National Association of Counties, Commissioner Higbee is fully aware of the issues that face our County, State and Nation. Sam Peters is clearly not a career politician. He is a fighter that spent 20 years leading people and missions in one of America’s finest military branches and undoubtedly the best Air Force on the planet. He’s a businessman that understands the strain over-regulation puts on local business and economic development and he has taken a strong stance on Federal overreach on our Nevada lands.

Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown is a former appointee of President Ronald Reagan to the State Justice Institute and the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission of the United States (1981-88) and has served as an officer or director of many businesses, civic and charitable organizations including the Nature Conservancy, the Department of Wildlife, the Nevada Development Authority, the Nevada Athletic Commission, Wells Fargo Bank, and as a commissioner for the Nevada Gaming Commission. He is the Founder and former Vice Chair of the Nevada Military Support Alliance.

Wayne Allyn Root

Sam has received full endorsement from this nationally syndicated political commentator. Wayne hosts The Wayne Allyn Root Show on the USA Radio Network and Newsmax TV. Root is also a weekly opinion columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal and says that Sam is “a rock-solid conservative, a candidate that we desperately need and he has a dream resume. Sam really stands out!”

Philanthropist and Business Leader Kevin Kean

Judge Don Mosley

Judge Don Mosley retired from the 8th Judicial District Court, Clark County, Nevada after 33 years on the bench. Judge Mosley was the longest sitting district court judge in Nevada history and has presided over thousands of cases including many capital crimes. Judge Mosley highlights in his endorsement for Sam the difficulty he witnessed first hand dealing with illegal immigrants via the legal system and notes that Sam, beyond a doubt is the most qualified to be the next Congressman for Nevada.

Michael B. Jack

Retired FBI Agent, US Navy Veteran, Washoe County Nevada Police Officer, Accounting Professor and Business Owner. Michael highlights Sam’s service to our nation in the Air Force and as a Law Enforcement supporter. The bond between our citizens and the law of the land is a close one and Sam’s support for the rule of law and his fellow law enforcement officers puts him in rare company and he will serve well representing Nevada.

Robert Sulliman – Retired Secret Service Agent

Sam’s acumen in law enforcement, as a business owner, his education and experience as a military enlisted man and officer round him out to be one heck of an asset to our nation. Moreover, Sam’s demeanor and diplomatic approach to leadership is exactly what our state and our country need in Washington. I proudly endorse Sam Peters for Congress.

Ralph McNamara

McNamara – Department of Homeland Security Agent in Charge and Chief Criminal Investigator and currently the Fraternal Order of Police Chapter 1 Secretary. After 25 years of federal law enforcement experience Ralph gives back to his community and serves as an officer for currently serving officers. Ralph is proud to endorse Sam!

Former NvGOP Chairwoman Lia Roberts

Lia Roberts – Former NvGOP Chairwoman, Former President of Nevada Republican Woman, Honorary Consul for the Romanian Consulate. Lia has spent much time during the campaign with Sam and his wife Melissa and highlights them to be a delight to be around, amazing representatives of the community and her absolute choice in a crowded field to represent Nevada’s 4th Congressional District. “I have seen hundreds of candidates in my political career in Nevada – Sam is special! I’m proud to endorse him and look forward to him serving Nevada in Washington.”

Ken Walther – Retired Central Intelligence Agency Agent

Jack Sheehan

A professional writer for 35 years, with subject matter ranging from sports and entertainment to business and politics. He has written over 1000 articles for regional and national magazines on a wide range of topics, been an award- winning newspaper columnist, published 18 books, sold three screenplays and is frequently as a guest speaker for conventions in Las Vegas. Jack’s books range from a history of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis to the world of professional golf, to the rich and varied evolution of modern Las Vegas. Jack has given Sam his full endorsement saying, “Sam is the kind of guy we need representing us!”

Judy Zieto, Angel Mom

Judy is an Angel Mom turned political activist. Judy’s son, Blake, was tragically killed by an illegal immigrant in Louisiana. Since Blake’s death Judy has devoted her life to tracking down his killer and advocating for strong immigration law and enforcement. After reading Sam’s immigration plan, Judy was anxious to lend her endorsement stating, “whatever I can do to help get you elected Sam!”.

Nevada Veterans Association

Numbers U.S.A.

USANumbers.org identified Sam as a “True Reformer” for his noted plan to reform the U.S. Immigration laws and regain America’s sovereignty. Sam is the only candidate in this race with this designation.

Veterans In Politics International

Commissioner, Vice-Chairman of the Board, Lincoln County, Nevada and Rancher Jared Brackenbury

Sam knows his business and he knows the business of rural Nevada! From a desire to protect our God given right to bear arms to his adamant belief that all available Nevada’s lands should be returned to Nevadans for proper management and access, Sam gets it! I believe in Sam and his ability to represent “We the People…” and he has my endorsement for this post.

Nevada Firearms Coalition

The Smart Vote In 2020

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