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My Stance On The Issues

It’s time for a new era of conservative leadership in Washington!

Help me fight the swamp as your voice for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District! Review my stance on the most important issues below.  If you agree, consider a donation to my campaign – Let’s win together!


Federal Spending

The U.S. House of Representatives controls the Federal Government’s purse, but when the “standard” budgetary request seems to hover around $6 TRILLION, it appears those responsible for these vast sums are treating this money as if it were from a Monopoly Game.

During the COVID Pandemic, it is alleged that $400 BILLION was stolen through state unemployment systems – monies, given to state governments from the Federal Government, were intended to help Americans forced out of work, but it was syphoned off by criminals. If that isn’t distressing enough, it seems that money went to thieves in China and Russia.

U.S. Constitution; Article I; Section 7, para., (1) All Bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.

My Contract with America and Nevada: I will respect taxpayer monies and work to pass a budget immediately. I will recognize that federal monies are your monies and your contribution to keep the Federal Government working for you. I will deliver to you, accountability!

As a Member of Congress, I will fight for an immediate Balanced Budget Amendment, to end wasteful spending, and to stop funding organizations that do our country harm domestically and abroad. With a master’s degree in administration with focus on law, a Graduate Certificate in Organizational Finance, and experience in running my own business, I will strive for a solvent Federal Government.


Ending Illegal Immigration

The United States is a sovereign nation, and as such, the Federal Government has the right, and moreover, the constitutional responsibility to protect its citizens.  President Donald Trump understood this and took appropriate action to protect America.  As the next Congressman for District Four in Nevada, I will do everything possible to ensure the Executive Branch is enforcing the current laws, as is required under the Constitution, and that future immigration laws are adjusted to the best interest of OUR country.  To this end, I have developed a comprehensive 11-Point Plan to immediately confront and fix our immigration problems. 

The Peters 11-Point Plan:

  • Finish the wall,
  • Hold elected officials who violate our federal immigration laws legally accountable,
  • End chain migration for non-immediate family members,
  • Discourage the formation of sanctuary cities and states by holding back federal funding,
  • End the visa lottery system,
  • Prohibit illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer-funded welfare and health care benefits, housing and transportation,
  • Increase penalties on businesses that knowingly hire illegal aliens,
  • Require mandatory employer verification of worker eligibility,
  • Reduce refugee and visa fraud by re-evaluating criteria and improving background checks,
  • End visa overstays, and
  • Enact merit-based immigration reform to expedite the naturalization process.

With nearly ten years as an Air Force Law Enforcement K-9 Handler, I spent a considerable amount of time learning and understanding physical security, and greater amount of time understanding National Security Strategy.  With my experience, I can confirm, without question, walls/barriers/fences and the like DO provide a layer of security that will deter, delay, and dissuade illegal entry.  The border wall is vital, but only the beginning.    

The activity at the southern border is a national emergency and a crisis that must be faced, not ignored.  It is time to return to policy that keeps illegal immigrants outside of our country, deports those caught that are dangerous or have criminal charges, and re-adopt the public charge doctrine without delay. 

Legal immigration is welcome.  Illegal immigration is not.  Legitimate asylum seekers need help, I’m not insensitive to their plight, nor am I ignorant to ours.  Those coming to our country must respect our laws, our way of life and assimilate to our culture.  America First!



I am Pro-Life. 

Nearly 50 years ago when the Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution protected a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion without excessive government restriction, there were few forms of birth control for women and men and methods of abortion were at times dangerous.  Now, there are many forms of birth control and yet abortions, once restricted to the first trimester, are not only happening at birth but death is inflicted immediately after birth.  Why?  Why have we abandoned all personal responsibility when science has made it so much easier to avoid pregnancy?  Why have we signaled that an abortion is easier than birth control?

As a father, I understand the importance of protecting the unborn.  As a Congressman, I will fight to protect life, not devalue it.  Late term abortion and infanticide (killing of the baby after birth) is abhorrent. Further, when licensed healthcare providers, particularly those who’ve taken the Hippocratic Oath, partake in the killing of babies, or simply “let them die” outside the womb, it truly amounts to murder because these actions are unlawful and committed with malice aforethought.

It will be my pleasure when I am in Congress to re-introduce and sponsor the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, and the Conscience Protection Act. 



Remember your first paycheck?  You probably knew exactly how you would spend it.  Now remember the shock of opening that pay stub and seeing the chunk taken off the top by Federal and State governments.  Over time, after having governments’ hands in your pocket goes almost unnoticed until April 15th approaches and you get hit with “how much do I have to pay?”

I signed the Americans for Tax Reform “No New Tax” pledge in 2020, and I went to Washington D.C in 2021 to sign the pledge again.  The COVID Pandemic demands of unexpected spending for vaccines and unemployment has led to a spending frenzy as the Progressive Democrats strive to expand government and government services. 

We are facing massive fixed costs from Social Security payments alone and pet project “pork” keeps finding its way into federal legislation.  It’s become so common that your taxes are even used to pay for hotel housing and food costs for illegal immigrants and the cost of destroying a virgin Maine forest so that electricity may be imported from Canada to New York to comply with that state’s “Green” requirements.

Members of Congress owe taxpayers common sense fiscal policy and responsibility. 

With all this misappropriation, the number of people who draw heavily from the Federal government in services and supplemental payments will only continue to rise.

As your congressman I will work diligently to make sure American’s are able to keep their hard-earned dollars and businesses are allowed to thrive with minimal government interference.  I’ve always been for limited government and free market capitalism.  Our government must become good stewards of our tax dollars and we all need to hold elected officials accountable. 


Second Amendment Rights

As a card-carrying Lifetime Member of the NRA and Gun Owners of America who grew up hunting and shooting, I am a proponent of constitutional carry.  Since this has yet to be passed nationally, I am a proud carrier of an active Concealed Carry Permit issued by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. 

The right to bear arms is synonymous with one’s individualism and right to protect themselves.  The Second Amendment is simply an acknowledgement of this and it is clear ”the right…shall not be infringed”.

Gun ownership is a responsibility and proper training and care should be taken when handling and carrying a weapon.   In Nevada, it is a personal decision on whether one open carries or carries concealed (w/CCW permit).  For me, carrying concealed helps provide mutual respect for those around me that may otherwise be uneasy or outright afraid of firearms.

Currently, citizens convicted of felonies and those convicted of domestic violence are prohibited from owning or possessing a firearm.  Since, these people have placed the community at significant risk in the past, great care must be used before allowing ownership or possession to occur in the future. 


Term Limits

Two full elected terms (12 years) for Senators.  Four full elected terms (8 years) for Representatives. 

Our Founders never intended government service to be a full-time job; that is an invitation to lobbyists exerting control over elected officials and makes losing perspective on the country as a whole very easy.

Getting this effort to the floor for a vote will be a challenge, I am not naïve to this.  But, with a plan and proper phasing in – it CAN be done!


Health Care – Patient First!

As a father, husband and son, I understand the importance of access to and your choice of quality health care that’s affordable and patient focused. 

As our next United States Congressman, my goal is to make health care affordable, accessible, and something that provides value to paying patients.  Health insurance costs in some cases have eclipsed the cost of a mortgage – this is unacceptable!

Government bureaucrats have proven time and again, they don’t know what’s best for us.  We need to be able to make decisions in concert with our doctors and nurses, without government interference.  That’s why I support repealing Obamacare.

Objectives for a new system must include:  families having a choice on coverage, provider choice, lower costs for prescription medicine, coverage availability for pre-existing conditions and transparency in provider pricing.  Furthermore, we must allow states to have flexibility with their Medicaid funds. 

The bottom line is, socialized medicine, one of the fundamental precursors to socialism, is not the answer.  It is simply Obama-care on steroids.  We do not need government bureaucrats making our health care decisions nor do we need a system with month-long waits for appointments.  We need a system where patients have their own choices to make with the guidance of the doctor(s) they choose. Health care must provide value to patients, not just the system. 

On my watch, I will partner with any Congressman or Congresswoman of similar mind, regardless of party affiliation, to protect the sanctity of life, defund abortion providers, and to make sure education resources are available to expecting families.  


Supporting Our Military and Veterans

As our next United States Congressman and a veteran of the United States Air Force, I want to ensure America has the strongest military possible “to ensure our common defense”. I will also ensure that each and every veteran who has served and sacrificed for their country has the support system they need to make a positive, successful, and timely transition to their civilian community.  To this end, I will work to:

  • Ensure veterans have the individual Health Care Choices – VA or Private
    • 1 in 6 VA clinics are over capacity
  • Increase the number of mental health care providers and create proactive implementation of their services – care when and where needed
    • According to data released by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in 2016, 20 veterans commit suicide every day – unacceptable
  • Expand Opioid addiction clinics and treatment programs dedicated to Veterans.
    • Let’s put veterans in charge of their care with decisions made by them and their doctor – not a Washington bureaucrat!
  • Increase the percentage of women’s health-based practitioners in VA facilities.
    • Almost 15% of veterans are women yet there are great gender disparities at the VA on a national level
  • Place priority on Addressing the Homeless Veteran Population.
    • In our current America, it seems illegal aliens receive greater focus than our veterans. Not on my watch!  We will focus on homeless and all veterans to address PTSD, TBI, and other service-related health needs.
  • Develop Veteran Transition College Credit Programs and Streamline Education Benefits
    • We will broaden the use of military experience and formal training for transfer of credits to colleges and universities that recruit military veterans because of their GI Bill Tuition Benefit.
  • Implement programs to help ease veterans transitioning back into civilian life.
    • After years of training and operating in intense environments, our heroes are asked to transition to civilian life, in most cases, with just a few days of information by firehose. This is unacceptable.
  • Create a Nationwide Program that ensures transfer of Military and Military Spouse Certifications
    • A system can streamlines certifications while building much needed reciprocity. This is a win for veterans, dependents, and the community
  • We will work to triple the number of JROTC Detachments in the U.S. educations system and ensure the Constitution and Civics are taught to our children – with the assistance of veteran teachers and leaders.

Jobs and the Economy

I am a strong supporter of small business.  It is the lifeblood to our economy. 

As your next Representative in Congress I will work to pass laws that cut through the bureaucracy and red tape strangling small business owners. The Jobs Act cut taxes for companies and allowed job creators to expand their businesses. The Congress I’m involved with will take steps to further this pro-business environment and work towards making tax cuts a permanent relief to small business owners.

The COVID19 pandemic and the anti-business, anti-worker policies the democrats have implemented financially crippled our economy and small businesses in Nevada and throughout the country. These policies have shown how fragile our way of life is and how easily taken advantage of it can be.  We must fight back with policy that encourages business, workers, and entrepreneurs.  We must bring manufacturing back to America.  We must find way to not be beholden to foreign interests.  We must reclaim our energy independence.  We must find alternate sources of rare earth, strategically vital, minerals.  And we need to clear the way of government bureaucracy.

We must implement policy that puts America First, and we must elect leaders that have the courage to do so. 


Voting Rights / Election Reform

The 2020 election has shown us, in fact the world, that no nation is absent the threat of election interference.  In the years ahead, the action we take against these threats will define our nation.

Failure to act, correct our vulnerabilities, and assure our one-person-one-vote principle will not only effect immediate elections but will embolden new attacks on our most sacred process. 

As your next Representative, I will fight for a national voter ID law for federal elections.  The notion this disenfranchises voters has been debunked by the U.S. Supreme Court in Crawford v. Marion County Election Board (2008) and this should be an immediately implemented practice.  The Constitution gives Congress the authority to effect this change and I will lead the way in this effort. 

Furthermore, I will submit legislation immediately to eliminate foreign companies ANY access to our election equipment or processes.  This is one of many processes that must remain American made.


Law and Order

As your Representative, under the Constitution of the United States, I will always represent the people of Nevada and America first! 

This means that I will support the rule of law, I will back the men and women of law enforcement and will never bow down or placate to domestic terror groups like Black Lives Matter, Inc or ANTIFA.  Nor will I tolerate foreign actors that attempt to interfere with our national interests. 

I will never stand silent while elected officials are trying to Defund the Police.    

Our Constitutional Republic is one of a kind.  Our system of justice where a person is innocent until proven guilty is the bedrock of the very freedom we’ve known for more than 240 years.  This must remain true in the trying times that lay ahead.  And, to ensure that it does, we need leaders in Congress with the courage to not only defend this but, the resolve to take ACTION when evidence is presented that a crime has been committed. 

We need leaders in Congress that know NO ONE is above the law. 

We need leaders in Congress that are willing to stand up and hold violators accountable.  Those that have given their lives for America deserve it.  Those in the military and first responders everywhere that are still fighting for America deserve it.  And, you the rightful citizens of the United States deserve it!

These are principals that I will stand up for…with courage.



As your congressman, I will fight tooth and nail for our children’s’ future. Nevada’s education system is ranked near the bottom when compared to other states nationally.  We have watched the toiling for tax dollars and the increase of state taxes as the solution to our educational failures.  Legislators in the most recent legislative session capitulated to these arguments once again.  Yet, the results are unchanged. Nevada is still in the basement with regards to growing and teaching the next generation.  We will never fix our problems by throwing money on the fire. 

I will fight for school and parent’s choice, the return of vocational schools, and focus on STEM programs.  I will never allow failing schools to be rewarded with more money to keep failing. 

I will be the utmost opponent of, and outspoken in my demand to remove, Critical Race Theory from our education system – nationally!  I will introduce legislation directing the withholding of ALL funding from states that promote, allow, or introduce this racist teaching model in any school that receives public funding. There is not one race that is better than another.  There is not one sex, color, religion, or age group that is better than another.  Teaching this to our children is Un-American and it can not be tolerated. 

At the college level, the federal government has for years emboldened higher learning institutions by pumping billions of dollars into financial aid, loans, grants, and the like with the only return being the growing of liberal far-left ideologies. The federal government is complicit in the creation of a mounting student debt problem, an education system hellbent on destroying our national pride, and has only aided for profit institutions in padding their bottom lines. 

All at your expense. This ends on my watch. 



Sam Peters strongly believes that our nation’s special relationship with Israel must be valued and protected. Israel has repeatedly proven her commitment to the principles of freedom, pluralism, open society, and protection of basic rights. Unfortunately, Israel is the lone nation in the Middle East that shares these values. America has other regional allies, but none so close or strong as Israel.

Lasting peace in the region can only be achieved when Israel’s neighbors recognize its right to exist and radical Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas are given no quarter in Israel, her surrounding neighbors, Europe, and the United States.

As our next U.S. Congressman from Nevada’s 4th District, Sam Peters will work to strengthen America’s civil, commercial and military partnership with Israel. He also supports a two-state solution that is based on security for Israel, not one that is forced upon Israel by outside parties. The two-state solution must reaffirm Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and the Palestinians must fully abide by the agreement.


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