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Peters: Biden’s Energy Policies Financed Russian Invasion of Ukraine Under Biden Americans Go Bankrupt and Our Enemies are Enriched

Peters: Biden’s Energy Policies Financed Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Under Biden Americans Go Bankrupt and Our Enemies are Enriched

Las Vegas, NV/February 22, 2022 – Today Major Sam Peters, United States Air Force veteran, Bronze Star recipient, businessman, and Republican candidate for Congress in Nevada’s 4th District, denounced Joe Biden’s handling of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Peters pointed to Biden’s hypocritical energy policies that removed U.S. oil from the marketplace, robbed America of its energy independence, and ultimately enabled Russia to finance the invasion. Peters also highlighted the significant impact the botched Afghanistan withdrawal had on emboldening Putin to take this aggressive action. Finally, Peters added that Biden has again put his ineptitude, demonstrated military weak posture, and his ignorance of economic principles on the world stage.

Peters further noted that Biden’s actions are penalizing American consumers with the worst inflation since the 1980s, logistical backlogs, and empty grocery store shelves. Biden acknowledged his policies will drive up gas prices – a self-inflicted wound created by canceling the Keystone Pipeline and placing restrictions on American oil producers. Peters calls out Joe Biden as a failure of a president, as his approval rating numbers confirm, and stated that Joe Biden is afraid to get tough with any policy. His weak political gaming will continue to hurt American’s, embolden Putin, and cost Ukrainians their country and lives. But he won’t offend his far-left friends.

“Joe Biden traded a position of strength when he took office for a position of weakness with job killing, misled climate-justice energy policies that aided Russia to finance the invasion of Ukraine,” said Sam Peters. “Biden handcuffed American energy for more than a year, killed both Americans and Afghani’s during a botched withdrawal, and handed Russia the resources and confidence to invade its neighbor. The sanctions issued today and yesterday are weak and a day late and a dollar short. This invasion, pure and simple, was financed by Joe Biden’s policies that will continue to hurt and even kill people in America and around the world. His policies are weak and shameful, and he’s a coward for not standing up to his party.

“Now is the time to do the right thing. Unleash U.S. energy capabilities, flood the world with American oil and force Putin to withdraw,” concluded Peters. “Sadly, Joe Biden won’t do it. He’s too afraid of those who control him.

Sam is a U.S. Air Force Major (Retired), Bronze Star recipient, a two-time “Best of Las Vegas” small business owner, and devoted family man and Christian. He ran for Congress in Nevada’s 4th District in 2020. After a strong 2d place finish in a crowded Republican primary, he founded the Law Enforcement Loyalty PAC to help elect pro-law enforcement candidates in local and state races. He has served on multiple non-profit and political organization boards, promoted conservatism as a twice-weekly guest host on talk radio, and was named as one of the Top 10 Conservatives in Nevada by a renowned local political critic. Sam has earned a masters degree in Administration, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Organizational Finance, he’s a graduate of Air Command and Staff College and also holds Series 6, 63, 26, and 51 securities licenses.


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