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August 18, 2021

Peters: Biden Has Vacated His Post

Congress Should Return to Session and Begin Impeachment


Las Vegas, NV— Today Sam Peters, United States Air Force veteran, Bronze Star recipient, and Republican candidate for Congress in Nevada’s 4th District, called for Congress to return from their summer recess and begin impeachment proceedings at once against Joe Biden. Peters said he is not taking impeachment lightly, but that Biden has clearly vacated his post as Commander-in-chief with his handling of Afghanistan. Peters said Biden has put Americans in clear danger with his disastrous withdrawal, jeopardized strategic alliances, and created a humanitarian crisis. Rather than assume responsibility and work toward an America First solution, the Administration is relying on the Taliban, a known terrorist group with ties to al-Qaeda and the 9/11 terror attacks, and a group Biden said only a month ago he does not trust. Now, he’s leaving open the possibility that we may abandon Americans still trapped after Biden’s self-imposed withdrawal date of August 31st. Due to Joe Biden’s ineptitude, Peters predicts that above the already clear growth of the Taliban, we will see Al-Qaeda’s resurgence in the region, and America will again face threats to the homeland. Biden departed Washington to go on vacation and watched these events unfold, did nothing, contacted no foreign ally leaders, and lied to America in his eventual press briefing. Biden vacated his duty as Commander-in-chief and has demonstrated he’s not competent.

Peters also said as a veteran he knows how hard this colossal disaster has been for fellow veterans. Biden’s actions have made many veterans feel slighted and wondering if their service mattered and if the sacrifice was all for naught. Peters urges anyone that knows a veteran to reach out to them with encouragement during this time.

“The situation in Afghanistan is a total debacle and the responsibility falls squarely on Joe Biden,” said Sam Peters. “What’s worse is Biden vacated his role as Commander-in-chief while it unfolded. Rather than cancel his vacation to deal with the crisis, he brazenly departed the Capital. He deserted his post and clearly showed his incompetence. Congress must return from recess and begin impeachment proceedings immediately.

“I do not take impeachment lightly, it should only be used in extreme cases,” continued Peters. “This is such a case. It is not a Republican or Democratic issue. It’s an American security issue. Joe Biden’s first responsibility is the safety of America and its citizens. As the Commander-in-chief he has a responsibility to the men and women in the military – he abandoned them. He’s endangered the safety of the United States, Americans in Afghanistan are at the mercies of the Taliban, and old allies like Great Britain and Israel now wonder if Biden would sacrifice them. Meanwhile China, Iran, and Russia laugh at us, see us as vulnerable, and salivate at Biden’s weak posture. Joe Biden must go; our national security is at risk every second he remains at the helm.”



Sam is a U.S. Air Force Major (Retired), Bronze Star recipient, a two-time “Best of Las Vegas” small business owner, and devoted family man and Christian. He ran for Congress in Nevada’s 4th District in 2020. After a strong 2d place finish in a crowded Republican primary, he founded the Law Enforcement Loyalty PAC to help elect pro- law enforcement candidates in local and state races. He has served on multiple non-profit and political organization boards, promoted conservatism as a twice-weekly guest host on talk radio, and was named as one of the Top 10 Conservatives in Nevada by a renowned local political critic. Sam has earned a Master’s Degree in Administration, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Organizational Finance, he’s a graduate of Air Command and Staff College and also holds Series 6, 63, 26, and 51 securities licenses.