LAS VEGAS, NEVADA— Republican Candidate for NV-04, Sam Peters, responded to Nevada Democratic Chairwoman Judith Witmer’s statement on the current violence in the Middle East.

“The Democrat Party of Nevada’s position on what is happening in Israel couldn’t be further off base. It shows they too are blinded by their own radical ideology to see the truth,” said Peters

“The fact is that the Israeli people were never safer than they were over the last four years,” Peters continued.  “The current violence and bloodshed are owned, at least in part, by this congress and the new administration for the weakness they’ve shown and the monetary support they’ve provided to the terrorist group Hamas.  Our current Congressman and this President have blood on their hands.”

“As for me, I unabashedly stand with the Israeli people and their sovereignty.  And, I stand against anyone who threatens them.”


Sam is the owner of Peters Family Insurance, a very successful risk management firm with two store fronts in the greater Las Vegas area. Prior to settling in Las Vegas, Sam spent two years as a corporate employee where he managed nearly $100M in annual revenue across the largest geographical region in the United States. Sam retired as a Major from the United States Air Force in 2013 after spending time in Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama, Korea and various installations in the United States over a career that spanned more than twenty years. He earned a Bronze Star for his efforts in Afghanistan and was consistently recognized as #1 among his highly efficient and competent peers.