Sam Peters has unveiled an eleven-point plan for dealing with the prevailing problem in American politics: illegal immigration. We must protect our border and put American citizens first. This requires a strong border barrier and other legal remedies which are outlined below.

Sam’s plan to keep America safe and streamline immigration is as follows:

  • We will build the wall.
  • We will hold elected officials who violate our federal immigration laws legally accountable.
  • We will end chain migration for non-immediate family members.
  • We will prohibit sanctuary cities and states by holding back federal funding.
  • We will end the visa lottery system.
  • We will prohibit illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer-funded welfare and health care benefits.
  • We will enact penalties on businesses that knowingly hire illegal aliens.
  • We will require mandatory employer verification of worker eligibility.
  • We will reduce refugee and visa fraud by re-evaluating criteria and improving background checks.
  • We will end visa overstays.
  • We will enact merit-based immigration reform to expedite the naturalization process.

As a 20-year Air Force veteran, I made a vow to protect this country from all threats foreign and domestic. This is why I will propose legislation to streamline our immigration system and make it easier for immigrants applying the legal way.

My opponent Rep. Steven Horsford has flagrantly broken our immigration laws and instructed illegal immigrants on Facebook on how to avoid law enforcement. This is why we must fight to bring back respect for our American legal system. We will start by enforcing our immigration laws.