LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Republican nominee for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, Sam Peters, called on Democrat Steven Horsford to resign from office immediately following allegations of bullying, intimidation, and potential violence from Horsford’s estranged wife Dr. Sonya Douglass. Read the full tweet thread here.

Peters had this to say: 

“The fact that a sitting congressman, disgraced by an admitted 10 years long affair, is now embroiled in a circumstance so ugly that he is attempting to force his wife to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, with $10K fines for the mere mention of the affair that he is responsible for, is disgraceful and draws to question his character, his trustworthiness, and his ability to serve in his capacity as a congressman.”

Peters went on to say “more than that, there are now allegations from these public comments by his wife that he has been bullying and using intimidation tactics – and potentially violence. This is NOT behavior becoming of an elected official, nor does it reflect credibility on the US House of Representatives.”

“This story broke early Sunday morning in a very public forum. As of 8AM this morning (Monday), exactly ZERO local reports have been made to inform a population that is supposed to be served by this disgrace of a Representative.”

“All this said – Today I will be sending a letter to the House Committee on Ethics to request an immediate investigation into these allegations under Rule XXIII – Code of Official Conduct, Paragraph 1.”
“Additionally, I am calling on Steven Horsford to resign from office immediately. He has betrayed the trust of his family, his constituents, his state, and his country. He must step down.”