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November 14, 2019


Numbers USA Designates Peters as True Reformer


Las Vegas, NV…Today Sam Peters, United States Air Force veteran and Republican candidate for Congress in Nevada’s 4th District, announced that Numbers USA has designated him as a “True Reformer” on ending illegal immigration in our country.  In comparison, Congressman Steven Horsford has received a grade of F-minus.

“We need a Congressman who will focus on issues rather than political gamesmanship.  Unlike Horsford, I will not be following the marching orders of Speaker Pelosi.  I will be tackling the tough issues that threaten our nation.  That’s why I have already developed a plan to end illegal immigration and secure our borders,” said Peters.  “My focus on the important issues has already been recognized.  Numbers USA has designated me as a True Reformer.”

NumbersUSA is an education and research foundation that focuses on the numerical level of U.S. immigration. They educate policymakers and the public regarding the consequences of illegal immigration.  It is the largest grassroots illegal immigration reduction organization with more than eight million participants.

NumbersUSA has also graded incumbent Horsford with an F-minus.  According to their report card, Horsford has failed to take action on securing the borders or protecting American jobs all while supporting amnesty enticements.

“Shouldn’t Congress be working on securing our borders instead of impeachment this week?  I think so.  That’s why I challenged the incumbent to a debate.  So far, he has not had the courage to defend his position,” said Peters.

Peters is the only candidate with a comprehensive plan to end the problem of illegal immigration.


The Peters 11-Point Plan:

  • Building the wall,
  • Holding elected officials who violate our federal immigration laws legally accountable,
  • Ending chain migration for non-immediate family members,
  • Prohibiting sanctuary cities and states by holding back federal funding,
  • Ending the visa lottery system.
  • Prohibiting illegal aliens from receiving taxpayer-funded welfare and health care benefits,
  • Increasing penalties on businesses that knowingly hire illegal aliens,
  • Requiring mandatory employer verification of worker eligibility,
  • Reducing refugee and visa fraud by re-evaluating criteria and improving background checks,
  • Ending visa overstays,
  • Enacting merit-based immigration reform to expedite naturalization process,


Peters is a veteran of the United States Air Force.  He served his country in Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama, and Korea.  He earned the Bronze Star for his efforts in Afghanistan.

After his service to our nation, Peters settled in Las Vegas with his family.  Peters worked for two years as a corporate employee where he managed nearly $100 million in annual revenue across the largest geographical region in the United States.  Exercising his entrepreneurial spirit, Peters founded Peters Family Insurance with two locations.  He presently employs eight.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Park University.  He finished his Master of Science in Administration, with focus on law, through Central Michigan University.  His continued thirst for knowledge, has also led him through a Graduate-Level Certificate Program in Organizational Finance from the University of Maryland University College.