LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Republican Nominee for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, Sam Peters has called on President Biden and Congressman Steven Horsford to take responsibility for the deadliest human smuggling event in U.S. history. Peters stated that the administration’s border policies have emboldened the cartels, coyotes, and traffickers while the Democrat led Congress has taken no actions to stem the flow of illegal immigration or drug and human trafficking.  

Peters had the following to say:

“The deaths of at least 50 migrants trapped and left to die in an 18-wheeler trailer, in the extreme Texas summer heat, is the result of the abhorrent Biden administration’s open border policy and the radical Left stance of Congressmen such as my Opponent. 

Horsford has continually sponsored legislation to increase spending of American tax dollars, while ignoring the fundamental need of a secure border. This has emboldened cartels, coyotes and traffickers of all kinds. It has made America and Americans less safe. And this week continued to cost the lives of those misled by these reckless policies.

Stopping the flow of migrant caravans, faux asylum seekers, and criminals into our country is simple – finish building the wall, deport those that break our laws (including illegal entry into our country), end catch and deliver, and give Border Patrol agents authority to do their jobs.   

These escalating tragedies caused by open border policies are a reality Americans must continue to accept while Radical Left Congressmen such as my Opponent are in office. In November, Nevadans will have the power to change this reality by voting for someone that will secure our border and protect human lives. 

As your next Congressman, I look forward to addressing the southern border crisis with common sense America First immigration legislation. A secure southern border will protect our National Sovereignty and economic interests, deter crime, prevent deaths, decrease the amount of illicit drugs coming into our country, and thwart traffickers who deal in bartering human life for financial gain.” 


About Sam

Sam is the Owner of Peters Family Insurance, a three time “Best of Las Vegas” risk management firm. Prior to settling in Las Vegas, Sam spent two years as a field manager for a Fortune 500 company where he led thirty-one storefronts as a business consultant executing nearly $100M in annual revenue.

Sam retired as a Major from the United States Air Force in 2013 after spending time in Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama, Korea and various installations in the United States over a career that spanned more than twenty years. 

He earned a Bronze Star for his efforts in Afghanistan and was consistently recognized as #1 among his highly efficient and competent peers.
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