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June 13, 2019

Peters Opposes Pelosi’s Congressional Pay Raise Plan

Peters:  Does Horsford Support Raising His Pay?

Las Vegas, NV…Today Sam Peters, United States Air Force veteran who will be formally declaring for Congress in the near future, announced that he will not accept the pay raise being pushed through Congress.  Peters also questioned whether or not Congressman Steve Horsford supports the padding of Congressional pay.

“This Congress has spent their days consumed by partisan political gamesmanship.  It is outrageous to think that they deserve a pay increase.  As the next Congressman, I will not accept the pay raise,’ said Peters.  “I am challenging Congressman Horsford to stand up to Speaker Pelosi and oppose this pay hike.”

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pushing a $4500 increase for Congressional members, who presently earn $174,000 annually.  The pay raise plan is hidden within $1 trillion spending bill making its way thru Congress.

“We should be looking for ways to save tax dollars rather than feathering the nest of career politicians.  This pay raise exposes Pelosi and possibly Horsford on failing to be focused on the priorities for the people.  I strongly believe that the people of Nevada’s 4th Congressional district deserve to know where Horsford stands on the pay raise.  Is he for fattening his wallet or not?” questioned Peters.

Recently Peters challenged Horsford to clearly state his position on impeachment.  He was for it before he was undecided.