Power2Parent is a Nevada based advocacy organization that has expanded to every state in its mission of informing, mobilizing, and lobbying to protect parental rights. 

As a father to young children, I’m thoroughly concerned about the crises we’re facing with Critical Race Theory, gender theory, and the anti-American sentiment proliferating throughout our schools. Frustrated parents should be invited to the table to voice their concerns, and it’s disturbing that we’re seeing them villainized nationwide for standing up for their children!

I am deeply honored to have this endorsement from Power2ParentPower2Parent’s recognition of my determination to fight for parental rights in Congress will be answered with assertive action that includes my introduction of legislation where school funding is contingent upon the nonexistence of Critical Race Theory in the curriculum and keeping boys from inappropriately competing and taking over girls sports.

American families can trust that I will work tirelessly to support state and local efforts to reenergize the focus on equipping children with the necessary and appropriate academic foundation needed in adulthood, while keeping parents at the helm of their childrens’ education. With the combined efforts of parent advocacy groups like Power2Parent and Congressional leaders like me supporting this righteous cause, we will succeed in putting the brakes on our children being indoctrinated with harmful ideologies that my opponent supports!