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August 20, 2019


Peters Has Questions for Horsford

Horsford Announces Town Hall in Response to Peters Upcoming Veterans Meeting

Las Vegas, NV…Today Sam Peters, United States Air Force veteran and Congressional candidate, responded to Congressman Horsford’s short notice town hall meeting. The incumbent, who is on August break, did not announce his meeting until after Peters announced his veteran’s town hall meeting.

“It took over 100 days for Horsford to hold a town hall meeting. It is no surprise he was going to avoid meeting with constituents until I announced my meeting. We should not have to play hide and seek with our elected representative,” said Peters.

Peters also took the opportunity to suggest questions that Congressman Horsford should answer at his town hall meeting.

1.Is it appropriate for a member of Congress, who swore to uphold our Constitution, to posthow to avoid law enforcement officials? Why are you above the law?

2.Who has been a better President—Trump or Obama—for the Las Vegas economy?

3.Why haven’t you disavowed the New Green Deal that would destroy the Las Vegaseconomy?

4.Do you believe the Mueller hearings were a good use of Congress’ time?

5.Will you post the video of your criminal justice reform panel?

“Congressman Horsford should answer these questions. The people of this district deserve some honest, not political, answers from him,” said Peters. “Having put my life on the line to protect

our freedoms, I was extremely disappointed to see our Congressman’s post telling people, who are illegally in our country, how to avoid law enforcement. He swore to uphold our constitution. His actions fly in the face of his oath of office.”

“During the Obama-Biden tenure in the White House, Las Vegas’ unemployment numbers were double digit. Under President Trump’s leadership our economy is booming. I don’t think anyone in our community wants to go backwards,” said Peters. “Worse yet, it could be the end of our economy if the New Green Deal is passed. It outlaws commercial air travel which we are dependent on. As our Congressman, Horsford should be aggressively opposing the deal. I believe we deserve an answer why he has basically remained silent.”

Peters believes in transparency. That’s why he is asking for Horsford to publicly post the video from his criminal reform panel.

“Since the Democrats have assumed control of Congress, it has been non-stop political gamesmanship. Horsford should be speaking out against the waste of time and the refusal to get things done. Instead he takes campaign dollars from the Democrat leadership. His allegiance is not to the people of Nevada but rather Nancy Pelosi,” said Peters.

Peters is a veteran of the United States Air Force. He served his country in Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama, and Korea. He earned the Bronze Star for his efforts in Afghanistan.

After his service to our nation, Peters settled in Las Vegas with his family. Peters worked for two years as a corporate employee where he managed nearly $100 million in annual revenue across the largest geographical region in the United States. Exercising his entrepreneurial spirit, Peters founded Peters Family Insurance with two locations. He presently employees eight.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Park University. He finished his Master of Science in Administration, with focus on law, through Central Michigan University. His continued thirst for knowledge, has also led him through a Graduate-Level Certificate Program in Organizational Finance from the University of Maryland University College.