LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Republican Nominee for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, Sam Peters has released a new digital ad exposing the false narrative promulgated by incumbent Steven Horsford’s latest campaign ad.

Peters had this to say:

“Horsford’s latest campaign ad is riddled with lies and – at best – proves how out of touch he is about the destruction his actions have caused. 

Anyone can do a simple Google search about his decade long affair to understand that Horsford is not the family man he depicted himself as and would like you to believe that he is. 

After Horsford attempted to beguile Nevadans with the mirage of an upstanding character, he had the audacity to claim he’s helped people get to work—when he in fact supported the draconian COVID-19 lockdowns that resulted in the permanent closure of many long standing Nevada businesses. 

Horsford managed to evoke dramatic appeal when he said ‘he knows what people are facing right now’ – yet just weeks ago, he voted for the ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ which will now force middle class Americans to pay an additional $20 billion more in taxes over the next decade. 

Nevadans are frustrated with a Congressman who spends his time residing in his $1.8 million Virginia mansion and visits the 4th Congressional District to teach the occasional yoga class from his campaign office, when he should be fighting on behalf of Nevadans against the Radical Left behavior that is destroying our nation. Instead, Horsford has proven to be part of that gang.” 


About Sam Peters

Sam is the Owner of Peters Family Insurance, a three time “Best of Las Vegas” risk management firm. Prior to settling in Las Vegas, Sam spent two years as a field manager for a Fortune 500 company where he led thirty-one storefronts as a business consultant executing nearly $100M in annual revenue.

Sam retired as a Major from the United States Air Force in 2013 after spending time in Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama, Korea and various installations in the United States over a career that spanned more than twenty years. 

He earned a Bronze Star for his efforts in Afghanistan and was consistently recognized as #1 among his highly efficient and competent peers.
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