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November 12, 2019


Peters Asks Horsford to Defend Do-Nothing Congress


Las Vegas, NV…Today Sam Peters, United States Air Force veteran, Bronze Star recipient, and Republican candidate for Congress in Nevada’s 4th District, challenged Congressman Steve Horsford to debate impeachment.

“Today I am challenging congressman Steve Horsford to an hour-long debate on his support for impeachment. He believes that this is imperative for our nation. I believe Congress is consumed by partisan politics and is doing nothing for the people. Let’s debate,” said Peters. “The people of Nevada deserve some answers as to why Congress wants to overturn the 2016 election results and why they don’t understand the President sets foreign policy.”

Peters has sent a letter to Congressman Horsford stating that he is willing to meet him any time and any place in the 4th Congressional district to debate. See the actual letter here.

“I am willing to defend my position. Is Congressman Horsford willing to defend his?” challenged Peters. “Congress should be balancing the budget, working to secure our borders, and ending the opioid epidemic, but instead they are issuing subpoenas not laws.”

“It is time for Congress to do their jobs for the people. The political gamesmanship needs to stop. We get it, Democrats don’t like President Trump. That doesn’t give them the right to neglect their duties. If I had neglected my duties while proudly serving in the United State Air Force, I would have been court- martialed. Congressman Horsford has failed us. He needs to explain why,” stated Peters.


Last week Peters released an 11-point plan on reforming Congress. He is omitted to returning the legislative body back to the people. His plan includes the following reforms:

✓  No more hush funds for Congress
✓  No Congressional pay raises until budget is balanced.
✓  Pass term limits for Congress. No one should serve more than 12 years in one office.
✓  Re-establish the House Internal Security Committee which would require Congressional members to undergo security screening before sitting on committees that review classified information.
✓  Post all legislation for five days before a vote so public has time to comment. Even more important, Congressional members must read the bills before voting.
✓  Cut Congressional pay 50 percent for members when they fail to pass a budget for the fiscal year.
✓  End Earmark Abuse by prohibiting members from anonymously introducing earmarks and stop the practice of inserting earmarks while legislation is in conference committee.
✓  Require Congressional members to be on the same health plans as average Americans.
✓  Eliminate Congressional perks by requiring members to join the same pension system as all other federal employees.
✓  Prohibit immediate family members from being paid federal lobbyists and serving on foreign corporate boards.
✓  Require recipients of earmark funding to disclose money spent on lobbying efforts and campaign contributions they made.


Peters is the only candidate putting out serious plans. Last month, he released his 11-point plan for ending the problem of illegal immigration.

Peters is a veteran of the United States Air Force. He served his country in Afghanistan, Iraq, Panama, and Korea. He earned the Bronze Star for his efforts in Afghanistan.

After his service to our nation, Peters worked for two years as a corporate employee where he managed nearly $100 million in annual revenue across the largest geographical region in the United States. Peters settled in Las Vegas with his family, and exercising his entrepreneurial spirit, Peters founded Peters Family Insurance with two locations. He presently employs eight.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Park University. He finished his Master of Science in Administration, with focus on law, through Central Michigan University. His continued thirst for knowledge, has also led him through a Graduate-Level Certificate Program in Organizational Finance from the University of Maryland University College.