LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – Republican nominee for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District, Sam Peters, announced today that he has been endorsed by Gun Owners of America (GOA). Founded in 1976, GOA has built a nationwide network of attorneys to fight legal battles that preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of over two million gun owners.

Tim Macy, Chairman of GOA, shared the following statement:

“Sam Peters will be a true representative of the people in Washington. He is just the kind of principled, pro-Second Amendment person we need.

GOA doesn’t give out endorsements to just anyone. Peters earned GOA’s endorsement because he pledged to oppose any new gun control laws and will work to roll back unconstitutional gun laws already on the books.  He believes with the Founding Fathers that the Second Amendment is a safeguard of freedom and liberty and it ‘shall not be infringed’.

The radical anti-gunners in Washington D.C. hate leaders like Sam Peters in Congress. They have and will target him as they do every candidate who believes in the Constitution and personal freedom. So show him we have his back by volunteering or donating to his campaign. But most important of all, show up to vote in November’s election on the 8th! 

GOA encourages all gun owners and sportsmen to stand with Sam Peters for Nevada’s 4th Congressional District on November 8th, 2022.”

Peters had this to say about the endorsement: 

“I’m honored to have this endorsement from Gun Owners of America, and am grateful for their efforts to defend our Second Amendment rights.

It’s been confirmed in numerous studies, including those funded by Democrats, that the best defense against criminals and mentally disturbed individuals who are determined to viciously end others’ lives is a well-trained and armed gun owner. Nevertheless, my opponent Steven Horsford has joined forces with the Biden Administration and has aggressively pursued increased gun restrictions on law-abiding Americans, despite the abundant prohibitions already in place. 

Now that the election is upon us, Horsford is scrubbing his website of any evidence about how vigorously he has sought to erode a foundational human right that has been enshrined in the U.S. Constitution for centuries. 

He has realized that the majority of Nevadans and Americans will not stand by and tolerate the curtailment of our lawful right to self-defense, especially coming from those whose uni-party policies have caused a historic wave in crime.

The tradition of Second Amendment rights defines our character of resolute freedom as a nation, and I look forward to working with GOA members to unequivocally defend this essential American right as Congressman.”