• Thu
    6:30 pm7300 N Aliante Pkwy, North Las Vegas, NV 89084

    Special Guest & Expert Host: Sid Miller, Texas Commissioner of Agriculture
    Event Co-Hosts: The Honorable Don Mosley (Retired), Joseph W. Brown, Wayne Allyn Root & Cindy Parker, Evelyn Cannestra, Jack Sheehan, David (Personal) & Alex Sadjak, Philip Paleracio, TK Crabb, Tim McFadden, Bane & Julie Hereford, Gary Huson, Robert & Daryll Ann Sulliman, Craig & Heidi Ritchey, Alan Bigelow, Joanna Gorman, Jean Heatherly, Mary Shanks, Jennifer Oertwig, Nick Alfonsietti, Vince Palmieri, Michael & Martha Kimpel, Michael Mendoza, Egon & Peggy Admann

    Date: January 23, 2020 Time: 6:30 – 9:30 PM
    Location: Scottsdale Ballroom at Aliante Casino + Hotel
    RSVP: Melissa@SamPeters4Congress.com or on Eventbrite

    Recommended Campaign Contribution Levels:

    • Campaign Steering Committee: $1,000 – Includes open bar for donor & 1 guest and Sam Peters t-shirt
    • Host Committee: $250 – Includes 2 drink tickets each for donor & 1 guest
    • Couple General Admission: $100 – Includes 1 drink ticket each for donor & 1 guest
    • Adult General Admission: $50 – Includes 1 drink ticket for donor
    • Veteran / Young Republican (Under 35 years old): $25 – Includes 1 drink ticket for donor

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